Flea Market Review: Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days Arcadia, LA

A short day trip of mine to Louisiana happened to fall on the weekend before the third Monday. That happens to be the weekend of the Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days in Arcadia, LA.

We were visiting Chimp Haven in Keithville, LA for their Discovery Days on Saturday March 16th. Arcadia is about an hours drive from there, east of Shreveport.

I was surprised that some of my picking friends had never heard of this particular trade days.

I planned the trip so that we would arrive at the trade days around 2pm on Saturday. That would mean a Saturday afternoon crowd on a day with clear blue sky and 80° temperature. Their website advertised 130 acres so I planned on fighting a large group of people. What we found was not the case.

Parking was reasonable $3.00 or $5.00 for a weekend pass which was 3 days of parking. Only the main lot seemed to be full of cars.

Once out of the car and into the market, everything seemed either very spaced out or very disorganized. It was hard to find a point or orientation. I’ve been visiting and selling at flea markets since the 1980s and I cannot remember an established market that was disorganized in its layout. We picked a direction and followed one of the market streets. I noticed there were empty stalls and open spaces indicating there were dealers missing.

Picture from the Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days website

Picture from the Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days website

For some positive news, It was refreshing to see less retailers and cheap Chinese junk and more individuals selling personal items and yes, even a few antiques. Collectibles selection was thin but there were a few toys to see.

This is a tough review for me. Not knowing this market and its history, it is hard to say if it is on the decline from better days or if it was somehow an “off” weekend. I will say I am glad I didn’t make a special 4 hour drive one way just for the market this time but if I am in the area again on the same weekend, I will give it one more chance. It may take 2 visits to know for sure.


Rating: To be determined.

Market website: http://www.bonnieandclydetradedays.com/



About Andy Broome

Author, sketch card artist, cartoonist and senior vintage card grader for Beckett Grading (BGS). My cartoons can be found in pulications like the "Harvard Business Review" and "Guide to phone apps."
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